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ACFE Fraud Awareness Week

November 18, 2019 - November 23, 2019
Crown Plaza Hotel Nairobi, Nairobi Kenya
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ACFE Kenya is a Chapter of Association of Certified Fraud Examiners international. ACFE is an international Professional body of Anti -Fraud and Corruption Professionals. ACFE is the premier provider of anti- fraud and corruption training globally. Its mandate is to build capacity in fraud/corruption risk management (proactive and reactive fight against fraud and corruption).

The chapter has developed specialized training courses in various areas of fraud and corruption risk management (prevention, detection and investigations). The courses include specialized trainings for various parties/department with specific fraud risk management responsibilities.

One of the ACFE’s most valuable fraud prevention resources,is the ACFE Fraud Prevention Health Check-Up. It is a simple yet powerful test of your company’s fraud prevention health. The fraud prevention test is designed to help you identify major fraud prevention and detection gaps and fix them before it is too late.

We would kindly urge organizations to sharpen their staff’s skills and knowledge in fraud/corruption risk management. This will assist organization reduce incidences of fraud, proactively detect and effectively respond to fraudulent and corrupt activities.

The ACFE Kenya Chapter will be awarding specialized certificate of training in Proactive Fight Against Fraud and Corruption to the participants and their respective organizations. The holders of these certificate will demonstrate diligence in fraud/corruption prevention and detection




 Fraud/ Prevention Health Check- Up is a very useful tool for evaluating an organization’s preparedness for fighting fraud and corruption. There is no organization that is immune from fraud and corruption. Therefore every organization is expected to be proactive in fighting Fraud corruption.

Proactive fight against fraud/ corruption creates public confidence, minimize losses eradicate poverty and enhance social and economic development. We are all aware that recovery of lost resources is minimal and sometimes impossible, it is also time consuming and expensive.

Therefore, let every organization that would wish to demonstrate ZERO TOLERANCE FOR FRAUD/CORRUPTION participate in this practical and educative training

Course Outline

  • Introduction to fraud/corruption
  • Internal controls versus fraud prevention
  • Fraud Prevention Check List
  • Seven criteria of assessing fraud prevention preparedness / Fraud Prevention per criteria scoring points
  • Fraud/studies- statistics related to presence versus absence of fraud controls
  • Case study/ group exercises – Identify Fraud prevention and detection gaps
  • Fraud/Corruption and Performance Contracting
  • Fraud Corruption Regulatory Requirements
  • Exam
  • Organizations self-assessment / Report by delegates to their respective organizations


Course Objective

This course is designed to equip the respective parties charged with the responsibility for fighting fraud and corruption with knowledge and skills for conducting a self-assessment of their fraud and corruption prevention measures, procedures and policies (programs) as well as the development, design and implementation of the same.

Learning Outcome

  • The delegates will learn about anti fraud controls,i.e. policies, procedures and measures versus basic controls
  • The delegates will conduct a self-assessment and write a report to their organizations with recommendations on how to fix the fraud/corruption prevention/exposure gaps identified during the fraud prevention self-assessment
  • Delegates/respective organisations will enter the first step towards participation the ZERO TOLERANCE FOR FRAUD/CORRUPTION AWARD PROGRAM (0- TOFA AWARD)

The Association will be conducting an Award Program referred to as Zero Tolerance for Fraud/Corruption (0- TOFA Award) in March 2020.

The assessment and evaluation will be based on the ACFE Fraud/Corruption Prevention Health Check- up. Only those organizations that will participate in this training will be eligible to join the program. This training will help organization fix their gaps in preparation for the Award Program. This is one of its kind award programs. Holders of this award and certificate will be able to demonstrate Zero Tolerance for Fraud and Corruption. This initiative will create public confidence; reduce losses, increase profit margins and increase donors’ confidence.

Who Should Attend:

Senior Managers/Department Heads, Audit/R

committee, Auditors,Risk and Compliance Managers, Forensic Auditors, Investigators

Course:                                    Conducting Fraud Prevention Health Check –up

Theme:                                    PROACTIVE FIGHT AGAINST FRAUD/CORRUPTION

Date:                                        18 – 20 NOVEMBER 2019

Venue:                                    CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL ( UPPER HILL, NAIROBI)

Opening Remarks:             EACC- Chief Executive

Closing Remarks /Certificates Presentation:  Chief Executive Capital Markets Authority

Facilitators:                         ACFE Kenya Chapter Member(CFEs) EACC, CMA,OAG Cost:  KSHS 50,500

Bank A/C No:                      CBA Bank: 6528470019

Bank Account Name:       A.C.F.E Kenya